Why a B2B Marketing Blog?

I have knack for B2B online marketing. Sure, B to C marketing is further along in the online and social media spaces, but I like a challenge. I think it’s more difficult to come up with creative and fresh online marketing campaigns for a circuit board, caliper or piece of capital equipment than it for a cup of coffee or a pair of sunglasses. I enjoy the challenge.

But what I love most about B2B marketing and communications is the ability to directly contribute to the efforts of the sales teams. The marketing campaigns, video, and other content I create is used to directly influence the customer on making a decision about purchasing the product. When a sales representative tells me, “Aaron, this marketing effort helped me to close the deal,” I get all the satisfaction in the world. Generating that lead, and seeing it evolve into a quote and then a sale is magical!

As much as I like knowing that leads I generate convert into sales, it takes a lot of effort to find the perfect balance and making sure content is in the right places so I can maximize the dollars I am spending on lead generation efforts. Though I am still learning every day, I have gained a lot of knowledge on how to do B2B online marketing right, and how do it “not right too.” My posts and guest posts from others will provide tips and best practices for B2B marketers with emphasis on web marketing. I have a passion for this type of marketing, and I want to share my triumphs and failures with those who want to learn more about B2B marketing.